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Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj were present at Radio Mirchi studios to launch the music of the film, Haider.

Katrina Kaif’s last film to hit theatres was Dhoom 3 and that was last year, post that she has been busy shooting Bang Bang, Phantom and Jagga Jasoos. But if inside reports from the sets of Bang Bang are to be believed the actress had a minor showdown with the star of the film Hrithik Roshan. It all began when Katrina was unable to get her shot right after repeated takes. Surely and slowly it got on to her and in haste left her shot mid-way and rushed off to her vanity van leaving the shoot in a lurch. After director Siddharth Anand cajoled her and brought her back on the sets it was Hrithik Roshan who confronted her and reprimanded her of her behavior. Hrithik was so angry that he even got hold of the actress by her hand asking her to explain her rude behavior. Things were sorted only after Siddharth Anand interfered and mediated between the two super stars.

Not many are aware of the fact that much before Deepika Padukone stepped in to play the lead actress in Bajirao Mastani, the moody Sanjay Leela Bhansali had already signed Katrina Kaif for his film. When it came to signing the male cast Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor despite having given their consent initially, backed out eventually. Finally it was Ranveer Singh who stepped into the shoes of the lead actor. When this was conveyed to Katrina she was just not willing to work with the star of Band Baaja Baraat and Gunday as she thought that he was much junior to her. It was only after she said a no; Deepika – the real life romance of Ranveer Singh stepped in.

Winds of change are blowing even at the most traditional production houses of the country. Pradeep Sircar’s Mardaani became the first film to be awarded an A certificate in the entire history of Yash Raj Films. Now it’s the turn of Dharma Productions. The premier production house in Bollywood, which is synonymous with making films in tune with “loving your friends and family” motto, has now taken a U turn. There are reports that Karan Johar has given his green signal to director Sonam Nair’s next film after her forgettable Gippi. Apparently the plot of the film is more on the lines of an adult comedy centered around a group of young people. The quirky comedy is more in the space of Delhi Belly.

The cat is now out of the bag. The secret of Rajkumar Hirani directed and Aamir Khan starrer much awaited PK is now out in the open. In the film Aamir Khan plays an alien who comes from outer space to earth in search of God and then chances upon to meet a prostitute as played by Anushka Sharma. Together, both of them try various ways to change the way people perceive about God. The first poster of PK evoked much response and managed publicity worth crores of rupees through news columns and court litigations. Now that the plot is out in open, Aamir Khan must be an unhappy man considering the fact the way he guards the plot of his films. Remember Lagaan, before the release of the film people had no inkling about its connection with cricket or Rang De Basanti, which delved with patriotism with threads of faulty MIG fighter planes and corruption in bureaucracy.

Sangeeth Sivan after the debacle of Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 has bounced back again. The director is now ready with the pre production of his upcoming film called Jab Jab Phool Mile. As the title suggests it’s a comedy with a young urban feel to it. The director had approached Arshad Warsi to play one of the three leads but later on changed his mind owing to the fact that Arshad is not young anymore. As per sources the director had revealed to his team that the prime days of Arshad is gone now and now he is no more qualified to play young roles. Sangeeth has now signed Kunal Khemu for the same role. Ouch! That must have surely hurt Arshad more so because the reason for his ouster from the film.

Rani Mukherji is peeved with the censor board these days. The reason for her anger is the A certificate that has been awarded by the censor board to her upcoming film Mardaani. This has never happened before in the history of any Yash Raj Films. Mandarins behind the four walls of the YRF are wary of the box office prospects as it limits the number of cinegoers to cinema halls. As per Rani this was not expected; the maximum rating she and her producer were anticipating was a UA certificate because of the violence level in the film. Apparently CBFC took strong objection to a dialogue in the film where a politician says that ‘rape is his hobby’ and in another scene a young girl is shown with blood oozing down her thighs. Rani should take consolations from the fact that most of the A rated films in the past have gone on to become blockbusters.

Looks like the rivalry of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan has gone on to the next level. This was on ample display during the theatrical launch event of Happy New Year. The publicist of King Khan ensured that during the question answer session at the fag end of the event, only those reporters were handed over the mic to ask questions to the star cast of the film, who owed their allegiance to King Khan camp. The lady publicist was also heard asking few cub reporters if they were from Salman Khan camp. This was also true with the list of the attendees. Most of the reporters who had flocked to the event were those who the lady publicist often mingled with and occupied the front seats. Wonder what the publicist lady wanted to shield her star actor from.

Seems Hrithik is all set to step into Aamir Khan’s shoes. The star has always maintained an aura and distance from the press, which often gives a mystique appearance. So it was pretty surprising when Hrithik all of a sudden changed tracks with his upcoming Bang Bang. He recently met a select media to show the first song from his film with his PR machinery strictly passing on the instructions “no stories and no photo ops”. He had adopted a similar approach when he unveiled the teaser of the film last month. Seems he is on a patch up mode with the media post his divorce after all the flak and negativity he received. Aamir had adopted a similar strategy before and it worked in his favor while Shah Rukh Khan has been doing this for long. Hrithik also avoids media because of his speech problem. It seems his new PR publicist has charted out a new course for him.

The criticism that Aamir Khan received after the launch of the first poster of his upcoming film PK was just too much for the star to handle. The criticism had even come from King Khan when at an event he mentioned that posing naked couldn’t be defined as talent. Shah Rukh Khan had hinted at the hype that had surrounded the poster. Aamir took his pound of flesh when at another event when asked about SRK’s quote mentioned that those who dig trenches for others, they themselves fall into it. Aamir had surely and intelligently hinted at the fact that it was SRK who could be termed as pioneer of such marketing gimmicks. It’s difficult to predict if the word mongering from both the party is all staged or if it is true. Nevertheless the two have never gotten along. But surely with both of them occupying columns in prints they must be happy men.

It was during the interview schedule of Finding Fanny which saw the young actor lose his cool. The interesting bit was the question that was posed to him which was a perfectly relevant question for an interview. The reporter from a leading national daily reminded him of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s upcoming marriage in the beginning of next year and wanted a quote from him. It must be added here that Arjun and Arpita were one-time lovers and were in love with each other. The question made Arjun angry and threatened the reporter and warned him not to go ahead with the question. The next moment Arjun called up the editor of the publication and threatened her too. Wonder what was wrong in the question and the spine of the national daily. Wish they had reported the same in their next day’s edition.

Emraan Hashmi visted a cinema hall and sold tickets of Salman Khan’s new blockbuster ‘Kick’ to promote his film Raja Natwarlal. Emraan’s piggy backed by Salman’s mania to promote his film