I compete only with myself. I just need to be better than...

I compete only with myself. I just need to be better than I was yesterday: Karan Singh Grover

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karan singh groverThe Punjabi heartthrob, who won the appreciation and attention of many after his romantic and funny role in ‘Dill Mill Gayye’, is the new hunk to watch out for in tinsel town. Karan Singh Grover is one man who took his father’s advice of always having a Plan B in life and thus, pursued a career in modeling only after completing his academic career in management. In 2013, Grover featured at number 13 in Asia’s Top 50 Sexiest Men on the Planet list. Having a lively, friendly, funny and attractive aura, Karan never fails to impress his fans with his humility. He has a charismatic personality that makes his fans say, ‘Qubool Hai’ to everything he does. However, his first movie in Bollywood called ‘Alone’ released at a time when he was single after a few ups and downs in his personal life; but he has an amazing quality of turning things around. A positive soul, he likes to keep himself and everyone around him in good humor.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has the transition from working in TV serials where you reached a pinnacle to movies been?
With every project that I do, I put so much into it that I don’t really get time to think of things like this. And when there are so many people who love me and support me all the time no matter what; and sometimes get aggressive too though I don’t know why, then it does feel like a new beginning but it does not feel like I’m stepping back and starting from scratch. I think my career graph is rising and analyzing the decisions that I’ve taken, I think I’ve done a fairly good job.

What is your feeling about your contemporaries? Do you feel any competition?

No, actually I think differently. I feel I compete only with myself. If I compare my current work with my previous work I need to know that I’ve grown as an actor. I need to know that there is a part of me with which the audience connects and need to work on it. So, I don’t have enough time or mind space for things like competition. Actors are very conceited people, they only think about themselves (giggles). So, it’s not like I’m thinking of competing with somebody, I just need to be better than I was yesterday.

Do you have any favorites in the industry?

Yeah! Mr. Bachchan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan are my favorites. Amongst newcomers though I actually haven’t met them but I think Tiger Shroff is a sweet guy. He looks very innocent. He looks like a guy with a good heart.

You have a very strong fan following since ‘Dill Mill Gayye’; extremely passionate fans but ironically your personal life has been spoken about a lot even though you are a private person. How do you feel about it?

There are so many people who don’t know me and they are talking about me (giggles). It’s nice to know that somebody will defend you no matter what but I don’t think it’s a positive way of looking at things if they (fans) get aggressive. Also, I don’t think that anything that has been said should be defended because everyone has their freedom of speech and the freedom of thought. So, people are free to have perceptions and think about what had happened in my life through something that they might have read or heard from somebody and not seen. So, it’s okay. I focus on people who want me to entertain them and that they are putting their heart and soul into me. So, that is encouraging. But, the other aspect is that I don’t get too bothered by what anybody else says because nobody is really living my life and thus nobody knows.

What were some of the most memorable moments when you were shooting for ‘Alone’?

There was one very unforgettable experience. We were supposed to do this scene for ‘Awaara’ (a song in the movie) and we (Bipasha and I) were on the Jet Ski. The previous night Bipasha told me that she was very scared of the whole Jet Ski thing and told me that, we shouldn’t do it because she is scared of falling and the last time she sat on a Jet Ski with Shahid, he dropped her.

I was trying to be all cool and said, I’m not Shahid and won’t drop her. I said, ‘Just chill, I’m really good at this.’ I think I said too much to her maybe. The next day I must have crossed 120 km/hour on the Jet Ski and we had a Helicam.  Bhushan and I discussed that when the Jet Ski turns and water splashes I needed to be fast and needed to take a few turns. I came back to the boat and started going a little here and there, Bipasha said, “No!” I said, “Relax and chill.”

And I went round and round, 1, 2, 3, 4 and then one more time and I stopped but the Jet Ski was still in motion. Bipasha fell and then I slipped. Then, I saved her.

How was your experience of working with Bipasha?

It was excellent. She is a very inspiring and encouraging person to work with. I’m happy that I did my first film with her.

Do you believe that ghosts exist in your real life and have you experienced anything paranormal?

Yes, I do believe! But I don’t want to share. When I was a kid I did. I told everyone but nobody believed me, so I decided not to speak about it again. It’s very disturbing.

What are the psychological effects of working in a horror movie?

It’s quite disturbing actually. I don’t know if it’s for everyone but when as an actor you’re doing a scene, you need to get into the emotion of it and normally in any other genre, what is happening in front of you is believable because it’s really happening in front of you. In a genre like this where you are witnessing the bed going up and going round and round in front of your eyes. Now we use lots of stuff like ropes and special effects so you know it’s fake but in the mind you have to convince yourself that it is real because only then you can get into the emotion of that particular scene. The image that you create in your mind stays with you for some time and sometimes it is difficult to come out of it.

Which is the scariest movie that you’ve seen?

The Shining’ And there is another film called ‘In the Mouth of Madness’. It’s a book by Stephen King. They made a film on it. It’s psychotic. Just the thought of it is psychotic.

Do you have a directors’ wish list or people you’d like to work with in the near future?

I think I’m too early in my career to have any kind of wish list. I would want to work with anybody who is making a good film. So, it’s not like I’d want to work with one particular person. Anybody with a good film, whether he is successful or not doesn’t matter because I think we have come to a generation where people are accepting new ideas, new people and everything is not only in the hands of people who have been doing it for many years. So, I’m open to working with anyone with a good story.

Do you happen to have a dream role that you’d like to do?

Yeah! I wish I could be Neo, that’s Keanu Reeves from ‘The Matrix’ and also Superman. Only if Christopher Nolan knew I existed!  Maybe I’ll meet him someday. Superman is supposed to be tall. I can be Wolverine as well.

How do you think has the industry changed over the past couple of years?

I think now the makers realize that audience is watching a film not for one particular person or the person who directed. You’re watching it for the story. Whoever puts it together gets appreciated more now-a-days, which is a good thing, because people are more in-tune with the story that’s happening and don’t turn up to watch just one person.

What are your interests apart from acting?

I like singing, drawing, reading stuff that makes me a better person. There are so many books these days that in a way change the way you think to become more positive, open you up to more good things around you. Self-help books are the only books I read. I don’t read fiction much. There is this book by Deepak Chopra called “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. It is a small little cute book. So every day I used to read one. There is “Notes from the Universe”, a three series book. It’s like every day you read something and start the day with something that makes you feel nice. It’s a good thing and it helps. First help yourself then help others.

What’s your fitness regime? Have you always been a fitness-freak?

I work out every day of my life. The days I don’t, I don’t really like those days much. Freak? Yes and fitness also actually. I started working out when I was 17 or 18 years old I think. I’m 32 now, so, I’ve been working out most of my life because before I started going to the gym I was always into sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics and athletics.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I’m free-spirited, am a little crazy and can be termed eccentric maybe. I’m just somebody who likes to be happy and someone who likes to make people smile and laugh.


Where do you see yourself next?

Hopefully, doing another film or a television mini-series, if that comes up; but I don’t know yet. I’ve signed a 3-film deal with Kumar ji. Though the films are not consecutive, anything could happen.

Would you like to say something to your fans?

I would like to say, thank you, for all the love and all the support that you guys give me all the time for my life and for my work. I don’t think there is any need to be aggressive. We are all growing up together and since I’m growing up a little I think you guys should also grow up a little too and not be aggressive to anyone because that will only spread negativity. If you spread positivity only then will you be happy.