The Success of Riverina Oils and Bio Energy ROBE

The Success of Riverina Oils and Bio Energy ROBE

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Site_External_web016DEDICATION and Self-belief of Mr D.D. Saxena, Managing Director and Founder of Riverina Oils and Bio Energy, ROBE made it one of the largest value added food/agricultural investments in Australia.
Mr Saxena was recently awarded with Business Excellency Award by The Hon. Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs for promoting excellence in business between Australia and India.

ROBE has custom built a state-of-the-art integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant making the project one of the largest value-added investments. It produces over 200 tonnes of refined vegetable oil and 300 tonnes of vegetable protein meal per day for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industries.

The plant is located in Wagga Wagga, NSW which is central to the agricultural hub of Riverina with world-class logistics and storage facilities with readily available raw material and market access. The Project is one of the major investments in Riverina and is the only Indo-Chinese joint venture partnership in Australia in Food/Agricultural Sector.

It is also the first Greenfield Investment funded by Indian Banks like State Bank of India, Axis Bank and Bank of Baroda. World-class technology and equipment from Desmet Ballestra is used and multiple oilseeds/ rotational crops like Safflower, Sunflower, Canola and Soya Bean are produced.

The project provides 80 direct jobs, 200 construction jobs and over 500 indirect jobs. 25 people from India are engaged in the plant on 457 visa. The project will result in an incremental expansion of 75,000 hectares of oilseeds production in NSW. The import substitution is assumed to be around $250 million in 10 years. In case of exports it is estimated to be over $100 million exports to Asia and $150 million of import substitute of protein meal for animal feeds in 5 years.

Over 165,000 tonnes of oilseeds are crushed and refined at ROBE per year through a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, sourcing raw materials from local farms and world-class oils and vegetable protein meals are produced.




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