The young entrepreneur who dared to turn her dreams into reality

The young entrepreneur who dared to turn her dreams into reality

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kmDreaming big has always been accredited to Kim Singh, 28 who dared to turn her dreams into reality. From her early years, Kim is passionate to take care of the sick, elderly and those with special needs. During her school time, Kim has taken a keen role in project management and small business developments. After completing her school, she ventured into aged care which was challenging as well as exciting. And more so, it proved to be an eye-opening and breathtaking experience.

Kim has been practicing National Manager for Aged Care, managing a portfolio of 43 Aged Care facilities across four states in Australia and leading to the development of systematic lifestyle frameworks across the organization. Kim is also a member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development. Her role is to oversee and maintain compliance and conduct comprehensive audits and analysis to improve the quality of services across the Aged care division. She has developed supportive documents including the writing of policies and procedures, development of forms and templates, development and implementation of the IT documentation system to support person-centered care. She has a passion for educating people in the industry and has embarked on a training career which compliments her role.

An experienced Learning and Development Course Manager for Certificate IV in Leisure and Health, Ms Kim has developed evidence based training materials and resources ensuring the best quality education and compliance with the AQTF guidelines.

Kim has had successful course completion rates with most students being employed whilst undertaking their Cert IV Leisure & health course, and all students were employed at the completion of the course. She has been responsible for compliance monitoring across all homes and has been through more than 100 audits with the Quality Agency and has been recognized as a key individual and best practice player.

Kim has made significant improvements to the leisure and health industry by being involved in a number of collaborative projects, therefore enhancing the psychosocial wellbeing of the elderly.  She has successfully completed more than 80 site Accreditation visits from the Standards and Accreditation Agency and more than 50 unannounced visits from the Standards and Accreditation Agency Government Department and has also completed the Assessors course with the Department. Kim’s work has been highly regarded and recognised as Best Practice initiatives and industry recognized achievement in Aged Care. Kim prepares all 43 sites for a Standard 3 operational site review/analysis.

She is a strategic thinker and has successfully developed training packages, tools, and resources to assist and build the skill-sets of staff. Kim’s current project includes being a key stakeholder in a $600,000 Workforce Reform Government submission and implementation phase for two facilities in VIC and NSW. This includes a new curriculum design with RMIT University, design of a self-directed learning package, and the delivery of training to influence a change management approach to care for the elderly. Kim collected analytical data to support the change management approach.

She has also been involved in research and innovation studies with various Universities including Deakin University, and Swinburne University, the studies included transitional settings for Aged Care residents, and activities around emotional therapy, this also linked to a complex research analysis that was conducted on residents with depression and the study indicated the success of the integration of emotional therapy.

Kim has been a key lead in the opening of Aged care facilities. This included a newly opened 120 bed aged care site. Kim assisted with the Quality Management system across the site including care and lifestyle. Kim has supported the development of therapeutic leisure and lifestyle programs that meet the resident’s physical, social, emotional, cultural/spiritual, cognitive, sensory needs.

Other projects included are Change Management projects across a large organisation and developing and assisting with the Continuous Improvement Integration system across multiple sites. She has also developed the volunteer framework in an aged care organization which consisted of community liaison, and the expansion of volunteers to strengthen the skill-sets and quality care provided to the elderly. This includes being involved in media projects.

She has conducted extensive environmental research and has consulted, created and designed environments for dementia specific residents that encompass Person-centered care principles. She is also on the expert committee for best practice development model for dementia care environments.

Kim has also consulted in various non-compliant aged care homes and therefore was able to develop sound systems and processes to ensure compliance within a short period of time and maintain quality of care. Kim has also being an aged care/lifestyle consultant and has assisted with many aged care sites and accreditations including writing the Accreditation Kit for the Department.

She has a background in Clinical Care, and has been a Facility Manager specialising in an “Ageing in place facility” supporting a range of complex needs and assisting with hospital transitional care and respite programs. Kim has developed strategic business plans and overseen and coordinated the clinical care for residents across the high, low, and dementia specific domain.

Kim also worked in partnership with the Arts Health Institute and organised the participation of three Aged Care facilities in the 60th Celebration Diamond Jubilee Moomba Festival. This included media coverage by Channel 7, participation within a Film of the event. She has also released her Aged care publication which has received recognition from the Australian Government.

Kim’s experience in the industry is no less to start her own business which is called ‘K M Training & Consulting’. She specializes in delivering aged care training courses along with corporate training courses and consultancy services and her students are successfully placed. Kim says, “Training people gives me such a buzz when I know they can create a better world for the elderly.”

She has also ventured into a Childcare Centre the grand opening of which many eminent dignitaries including Joanna Palatsides, Liberal for Dandenong; Angela Long, Councillor; Inga Peulch, MLC attended.




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