Onam celebrated in Melbourne

Onam celebrated in Melbourne

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ONAM which marks the commemoration of Vamana Avatar of Vishnu and the subsequent homecoming of mythical king Mahabali was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on 6th September 2014.

The spectacular event was organised by Kerala Hindu Society Melbourne Inc. (KHSM) and more than 400 people gathered to experience the cultural event.

The inauguration and logo unveiling was performed by Swami Dr Gopa Vrindha Das.
The welcome speech was beautifully delivered by Mr Jayakrishnan.

Children decked in beautiful traditional attires performed dances and musical items.

Other outstanding item was the traditional play which captured the hearts of all.

The members of KHSM themselves made food for the feast which was later served on banana leaves to be savoured by everyone present.

The event was big success and was enjoyed by everyone present.

In the end, a thank you speech was presented by Mr Suku.

The main aim of KHSM is to revive and present traditional art forms of Kerala associated with Onam which are on the brink of extinction. These art forms include Onapottan, Thumbi Thullal, Kaikottikkali, Pulikali, Vanchipattu, Kummatti, Thiruvathirakali and many more.