Righteousness is supreme: Ramayana

Righteousness is supreme: Ramayana

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RamayanaTo spread the message of Ramayana, ‘Righteousness is supreme’, an awe inspiring drama, ‘Rama: Prince of Power’ was organised by Chinmaya Mission Melbourne on 20th and 21st September 2014.
The drama was presented in English and was witnessed by 2200 people altogether in 2 days.
The whole ambience was embellished in the blends of ancient hues. Participants were decked in appropriate costumes well suited to the performance. The dialogues followed by the script writers were taken from Tulsi Ramayana.
The universal theme in Ramayana which has long appealed to the diverse cultures of South East Asia was beautifully portrayed keeping in line with the tradition.
The two hour theatrical performance combined drama, dance and music to revive the life of the timeless epic, Ramayana.
The play showcased important phases of Ramayana including the birth of Lord Rama and his brothers, his exile, the abduction of Sita by Ravana, finally the defeat of Ravana by Rama and the Vanar Army depicting the victory of good over evil.
The spectators were mesmerised to watch such an exciting tale of the triumph of good over evil.
The aim was to reconnect the youth to their culture and share their heritage with the wider community. It was a result of dedication and hard toil by the participants for 12 months.