“Whether a woman is in bikini or burqa, she deserves the same...

“Whether a woman is in bikini or burqa, she deserves the same amount of respect”- Sonakshi Sinha

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Sonakshi-sinhaConfidence runs in her blood. Easily the most outspoken actress in the young lot, Sonakshi Sinha follows her father Shatrughan Sinha’s candid ways when it comes to dealing with the media. Never to shy away from difficult questions, Sonakshi says her father told her early that if you can’t be the best, be different. The girl is indeed different. In an industry where every girl is trying to fit in one frame, she has created her own space. And the directors have responded by writing roles that suit her personality. With back to back hits, she is considered a lucky mascot. Sonakshi took a new high in 2014 when she worked with Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in Lingaa. She will begin 2015 with Tevar opposite Arjun Kapoor. For someone who never thought of becoming an actress till Salman Khan saw potential in her and cast her in Dabang. Today, films mean the world to Sonakshi. “I look-forward to waking up every morning and going to the set, wearing costumes and facing the camera. I think when we start loving our work all the stress evaporates.”

She has been under the scanner of fashion pundits for her size. Critics feel that she is taking her lucky mascot tag a little too seriously and is not experimenting with her roles after Lootera failed at the box office. Here Sonakshi takes on all the charges with her trademark frankness….

Your body type has come under media glare. It is said that you are fit only for certain kind of roles.

Why anybody should be told to look in a certain way. I have a very healthy body. I am very fit now. I really don’t want young girls to follow any silly diet to become unusually thin or getting unhealthy. Everybody has a different body and personality and one should take pride in it. Why should any fashion or trend force us to change or format ourselves in a certain way? If you carry yourself in a very real way that is better than going for unhealthy ways to fit into some frame that some stylist has imagined as a rule. Even the media should also back off a bit and respect diversity. They should realize that people are made in different shapes and should be acceptable in the way they are.

Some critics feel you are repeating yourself in commercial films

There are certain kinds of movies that I enjoy doing but it’s not easy as I am expressing different emotions like comedy, drama, romance and sadness. So acting in commercial films is no cakewalk. In comparison, Lootera, where I was supposed to look real was easier for me.

Are you thinking of leading an action flick as you have worked in many action films?

Yes, I haven’t done action yet in all my action films. However in my upcoming film I will be seen indulging in action scenes. It is a woman centric film which will be directed by AR Murugadoss, who directed Holiday.  Till now I have been watching actors doing action but now I am waiting to hit the ground running,

Your Lingaa outfit was questioned recently. What do you think about comments on how a woman should dress up?

It’s all about the mindset at the end of the day. Whether a woman is in bikini or burqa, she deserves the same amount of respect. And you know when a woman says no, it really means no. It is just a matter of social conditioning that result in diktats that women should be dressed in this way or that way. Nobody has the right to take law in his hands in the name of religion or some belief system.

As you have worked with Prabhudheva in three films, how was your experience with him as he is known to be reticent and is a strict taskmaster when it comes to choreography?

Dance in Prabhudheva’s films is as important as action. It’s very challenging to dance in his style. But I like to learn from him. He explains a lot of things in English as his Hindi is not good but he understands it very well. He explains whatever he can in English. It is very good to communicate with him as he is one of the most communicative directors. He makes things easy for you because he acts as an actor whatever he want to see. I love watching him enact the scenes as you get to know what is expected from you.

Now that you are going to do a heroine centric film where you will be seen in action, would you like to give any message to young girls

I think girls should be physically strong. I think self-defense courses like marital arts should be incorporated in government schools for girls. Luckily, I studied in a school where karate and extra curriculum actives were part of the curriculum. I am not in practice but I know the basics. I was amazed when I heard about Haryana’s girls who are representing India in wrestling and have won many medals. I want girls to learn from them so that we could make a nation where a woman doesn’t need protection from men.

Of late you look fitter. Do you work out more often now or have you changed your diet?

I think if you are regular with something it starts showing results. I didn’t begin any crash dieting nor did I become too focused on working out.  I have been working out for a long time now. In fact now I get less time to work out but still people are saying that I am looking fitter. I believe it is about regularity. I don’t stick to a particular exercise. I change it often because if we become habitual to one exercise then our body is adapted to that exercise. So it is better to change it. Earlier I used to indulge in sports, now, I have started doing Yoga.  Sometimes doing work out in the form of dance is also good. I like it.

Do you find difficulty with any genre?

No! Not difficulty but it is challenging when I do comedy in a film because timing matters a lot in comedy so it is a challenging part of films.

Is there any actress who inspires you?

Actually, I didn’t want to become an actress. I never thought of entering into Bollywood. So I won’t say that there is someone who inspired me. It is my destiny that I became an actress. Salman asked me to do a film with him. In fact, he didn’t ask, he just said that you are doing it, that’s it. He didn’t wait for my yes or no. So whatever is written in our fate happens. Therefore, I won’t speak about inspirational actress but yes there are some actresses whom I admire a lot for their work like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Rani Mukherji andVidya Balan. These actresses inspire many people.