Daniel Andrews: the new Premier of Victoria

Daniel Andrews: the new Premier of Victoria

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cover4AUSTRALIAN Labor Party gained victory with a workable majority and Daniel Andrews is Victoria’s new Premier sweeping the Napthine Government after the first term in office, first time ever in 60 years.
A tight victory was predicted and Labor managed to hit at least 46 seats in the 88-seat lower house.
Outgoing Premier Denis Napthine at Sofitel announced that he would be stepping down as leader.

Mr Napthine said,“I know there are many pre-polls still to be counted, I know there are many postal votes still to be counted but the figures clearly indicate that there has been a swing to the Labor Party and they will have a majority in the Legislative assembly. Therefore it is appropriate for myself as leader of the government, as leader of the Liberal Party to do the right thing to the people of Victoria, to contact Mr Andrews and inform him that I have conceded that he has won this election and we congratulate Mr Andrews on the victory.”

Mr Napthine iterated,“This is the greatest state in the best country in the world. And I am particularly proud that today in 2014, Victoria is a better, stronger, more financially secure state than when we came to government four years ago.”

“It is time for renewal, it is time for change. We will be back at the next election offering the people of Victoria a real alternative.” Hailing the victory as the greatest of the gifts, Mr Andrews iterated, “The people of Victoria have today given to us the greatest of gifts, entrusted to us the greatest responsibilities and bestowed upon us the greatest of honours and, ladies and gentlemen, we will not let them down.” Mr Andrews felt extremely proud “to have the honour and privilege to be the premier of this great state of Victoria.”

Mr Andrews said his first tasks would be to end the “spiteful dispute” between the former government and the state’s paramedics; introduce Labor’s “Back to Work Act” to create new jobs; and set about removing 50 of Victoria’s most dangerous level crossings.”

“Work will begin tomorrow because I will not waste even a single day delivering on each of the communities we made.” The Greens have also made history in the Victorian Parliament with Melbourne candidate Ellen Sandell beating Labor MP Jennifer Kanis to secure the minor party’s first lower house seat.