Banish the Bloat with these super foods

Banish the Bloat with these super foods

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Most of us experience the nasty feeling of being bloated some or the other time. It is actually due to extra water retention in the body. Usually, most of us don’t pay much heed to this discomfort. But what if we tell you that there are certain foods that actually help your body banish bloat quickly and effectively.

Check out the 6 foods that will help you.

Watermelons : The extremely high water content and potassium in watermelons helps you feel full without you being bloated  image001
Cucumbers: They are just like watermelons, very high in water content. They also help in detoxification  image003
Tender Coconut Water : This natural drink is perfect to banish bloating  image005
Bananas : They are loaded with fibre and potassium and are great to avoid bloating   image007
Green Leafy’s : leafy veggies like kale, spinach, lettuce and celery are not low in calories but are also very rich in fibre which is essential to negate the bloat   image009
Lentils: These are the perfect source of fibre and fibres are the most important thing to keep your digestive system healthy.  image011




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