Computer games on Modi, an instant hit

Computer games on Modi, an instant hit

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PM Narendra Modi is the flavor of any season now and it is no surprise that apps try to cash in on the popularity of the leader in most parts of India. While games and apps featuring PM Modi, CM Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi have been doing the rounds for quite a few months now, also during the election campaigning reaching a crescendo, there seems to have been a final flurry of apps making it to the stores. This last-minute buzz is also because, these apps are unlikely to have any traction after the elections ended two years ago. The latest Modi game to hit Android and iOS phones is Bhaag Modi Bhaag, another run game. The game is not easy by any means. The game shows PM Modi running over obstacles, while also keeping ahead of a crane that seems to be out to get him. Incidentally, while the Bhaag Modi Bhaag was launched by Winjit Apps Private Limited.







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