Nine highest paying jobs where Aussies can earn over $100k per year

Nine highest paying jobs where Aussies can earn over $100k per year

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These days finding a well-paid job can be really difficult, especially when the Australian job market is subdued and workers have been told to expect a slim to non-existent pay rise in the year ahead as employers put extreme focus on cutting costs.

However, in a place like Australian, you don’t necessarily need to be in a high-flying position in the fields of finance, medical or mining sectors to earn a high salary.

Recently Yahoo Finance has identified nine Aussie jobs that have a surprisingly high wage.


Elevator mechanic

Elevator mechanics are often on call 24X7. Their job role requires them to carry and lift heavy machinery and they face significant life risk on a daily basis. But nevertheless, elevator mechanics are in return are awarded with a surprisingly hefty annual salary of up to $133,000.


Reservoir engineer

Reservoir engineers need to get the maximum amount of energy without over-tapping a reservoir.

Professionals need a technical degree in chemical engineering and but with that under their belt they can easily earn an extortionate amount of $132,600 per year.



Air traffic controller

One of the most responsible job and also popular for being stressful at times, an ATC can earn up to $129,000 per year. The amount of focus required for being an ATO is not easy where they have to make sure that the plane have a safe arrival and departure.

Software architect

It’s unsurprising that a tech savvy worker can make big bucks, but huge demand for software architects in particular, can see them earn a whopping $122,800 per year with just a math or software engineering degree and an ability to work well with others.



Offshore underwater welder

An underwater welder in Australia is someone who repairs, installs and inspects pipelines – can earn up to $65,000 per year, but for those who are willing to take the added the risk taking that offshore to deeper oceans can see their annual salary rocket to $180,000.

Drilling engineer

An entry level drilling engineer can earn a respectable $80,000 at the beginning of a lucrative career in oil, gas or water drilling. But with a couple of years of experience under their belt, that can rocket up as far as $300,000.


Abalone diver

Abalone divers have to brave the freezing, murky waters of Australia’s Port Lincoln and Western Australia, but for those bold enough the pay is as great as the risk at up to $120,000.

Special agent

With the name Special Agent the first thing that comes to our mind is a movie actor but in reality being a special agent is a high-adrenaline job that can make you land for a government organization or for a private company.Candidates usually have a law enforcement background or military experience along with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice with the ability to quickly earn $100,000 per year.


Personal shopper

Personal shoppers do exactly what their name suggests: shop for people who don’t have the time or energy or interest to shop. Personal Shopper then comes in a picture and solve day to day shopping issues for such people with the potential to earn in excess of $100,000 in the meantime.




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