Aussie’s first Woman who had a 3D printed ear fitted after losing...

Aussie’s first Woman who had a 3D printed ear fitted after losing earlobe 55 years ago

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A woman who lost her left ear in a car crash 55 years ago has become the first person in Australia to receive a new ear through the wonders of 3D printing.image003

Australian woman Colleen Murray broke down in tears when she saw her reflection for the first time since the ear was installed. “It’s wonderful,” she said, looking in disbelief at the realistic prosthetic attachment.

A team of medical scientists used 3D printing to mould the silicon ear, using a scan of Mrs Murray’s right ear to cast a perfect replica for her left. Prosthetist Brenton Cadd said the technology has changed the world of medicine.

“The shape is much better, the size is the same and that’s all due to the 3D printing,”

Complete with a piercing, it snaps like a fridge magnet to titanium stumps in the side of the head. With a make-up brush to correct the colour, the end result has Colleen smiling from ear to ear.


“I was born with two ears and I’ve wanted two ears and you’ve done it for me,” “Thank you very much.” Mrs Murray told her doctors.

Medical scientists now confident they are on the verge of creating complex tissue, bones and cartilage through 3D printing. Apart from other prosthetics like arms and legs, scientists have already implanted printed muscle and bone into animals, with promising results.