Foreign students visa checks

Foreign students visa checks

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THE number of foreign students applying for visa approved education in Australia has been in a decreasing order for the increasing scrutiny of applicants with one major education provider. It comes as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) said it has written to 1,400 students who had left educational institutions but remained in the country.

More than 500 students have been notified and the department is considering cancelling their visas, with 103 visas cancelled in the 10 months leading up to the end of October. The pioneer Navitas said it expects enrolment numbers to fall as a result of its determination to stamp out fraud. It has now improved its vetting system for applicants from certain countries such as India and Nepal.

The company said last year it detected a significant enrolment increase from Nepalese and Indian recruiters, which raised a number of red flags. It was evident a number of the enrolments were not genuine students.
Figures show that enrolments in the third semester this year rose 6% compared to a 13% rise in the corresponding period last year.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has notified all higher education providers to be vigilant with their checks. Although the recent introduction of a streamlined visa process for international students enrolling at accredited providers has been a boon for the industry, there are concerns that the new requirements put the onus for policing the visas on the institutions.

The changes have led to a surge in student visas from India, which recorded a 47.9% rise in the year