G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration Released

G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration Released

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G20G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial meeting was held from 9th to 11th September, 2014 in Melbourne where Labour and Employment Ministers from across the G20 came together. The two days of discussion and negotiations resulted in a comprehensive & coordinated action plan for future. This plan includes the creation of more jobs, boosting the participation and preventing unemployment from becoming entrenched across the G20.

The G20 economies are no longer affected by the Global Financial Crises & are now recovering. Medium to long-term challenges have been taken to reduce persistent unemployment and boost a growth potential.
G20 members also discussed about how job growth could be increased across the G20 and how the costs can be reduced in business and national economies which are caused by poor workplace health and safety. The female labour force participation rates and high youth unemployment were the key areas of discussion.
Thereafter a Declaration with some key points was summed up:

• Taking actions to place more young people in Education, training or jobs
• Promoting greater women’s participation in the labour market to close gender gaps in labour market outcomes.
• Proceeding further steps which reduce the substantial economic costs associated with unsafe workplace and work-related illness.
• Policies to be made to prevent unemployment and underemployment from becoming structural and creating better jobs.
• Setting strategies that support the transition of workers employed informally in the formal economy.

The members of G20 also got a chance to meet the ministers and the representatives of international organisations and discuss the perspectives from outside of government. The Employment Plans and contributions to Growth Strategies will be finalised ahead of the G20 Leaders summit in Brisbane from 15-16 November.