India and China should cut carbon emissions: Julie Bishop

India and China should cut carbon emissions: Julie Bishop

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limaTHE 20th session of the conference of Parties and the 10th session of the Conference of Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol was held from 1st Dec to 12th Dec, 2014. COP 20/ CMP 10 was being hosted by the Government of Peru, in Lima, Peru

The conference was attended by around 190 countries. US President Barack Obama emphasized the need to cut global emissions of carbon dioxide. The hopes for momentum following a climate change deal between China and the United States didn’t go smooth. The issues included greenhouse gas cuts and funds to help poor nations to cope with a warming world.

Emerging nations like India and China stresses the view that the rich will cut greenhouse gas emissions most and pay for rising climate damage in vulnerable countries. The United States and the European Union want to ensure that poorer nations will also reign in rising emissions.

After Lima, governments are expected to outline national plans for cutting emissions beyond 2020 by an informal deadline of March 31, 2015, to form the building blocks of a global climate deal to be agreed in Paris in December 2015.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Australia wanted and agreement “that sets basic multilateral rules to underpin transparent action and ensure that countries live up to their commitments.”
Bishop said some countries were refusing to agree to the same. Australia’s key demand is that nations with big emissions like US, China and India commit to meaningful cuts as Australia is responsible only for 1.5 per cent of global carbon emissions.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said that between 1990 and 2010, China’s emissions had risen form 3.4 billion tonnes to 9.8 billion tonnes and were forecast to rise strongly until 2030. Indian front have been clear that Indian Prime Minister considers poverty alleviation to be its major responsibility at present and that the developed world responsible for having exhausted the world’s carbon budget.

India still need access to technology and international funds to tackle climate change.