Mobile Phones caused these 5 deaths

Mobile Phones caused these 5 deaths

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A study has shown that more people have died using phones than due to shark attacks!

In an era where our lifestyle is majorly dominated by our mobile phones, it is difficult to accept the deadly threats it possesses. But nonetheless, it’s a reality we all must face now. Yes, mobile phones can actually cost you your life or your loved ones life. In fact, a study has shown that more people have died taking selfies than due to shark attacks! Here are 5 cases where people died because of their mobile phones.

Chinese woman electrocuted by her phone

It is not very uncommon for people to talk on their mobile phones when connected to their phone chargers. The similar thing happened with Ma Ailun in china where she was talking on her phone being charged at the same time but surprisingly this ordinary incident caused her death. She was electrocuted and died before medical help could reach her.

A man falls from the cliff while using his phone

image003Joshua Burwell died on Christmas, 2015 after he fell down from the San Diego’s Sunset cliff which is a famous tourist attraction. As per the eye witnessed, Joshua was so engrossed in his phone that he just didn’t realize that he had crossed the safe area of that cliff and fell 18 meters down. He died on the spot.

Pedestrian looking down at their phones killed by a truck

image005In China, a pedestrian woman was killed by a giant truck when she was crossing the road while looking down at her phone and not paying much attention on the road. Unfortunately her body was miserably crushed and she died at the spot.

Man Dies in trash compactor while searching for his phone

image008Our hearts almost skip a beat when our phones fall down, but have you ever thought up to what extent will you go to retrieve a dropped phone? A man in US dropped his phone in his residential building’s trash chute. Unfortunately this man was found crushed and dead inside the trash compactor.

Girl electrocuted while taking selfie

image010A Romanian girl lost her life while she was trying to take a selfie over a train car. Accidently she grabbed a live wire with extremely high voltage on the top of the train which she didn’t notice because of her being intrigued into her phone to click a selfie. She was immediately electrocuted and her body burst into flames and she couldn’t be saved.