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IMG_3443Now successfully operating in over 50 countries!

FOR over 60 years, Saladmaster has been helping people eat healthier food with their advanced cookware system. They sell quality cookware products, made in the US, and conduct Open House and home cooking school events.

Not only do Saladmaster use only the highest performance quality American and Swiss steel, they make cooking healthy foods easier for you. Today’s lifestyle puts great demands on us all. To stay healthy, we need to maximize our nutrition by eating well. Saladmaster has the perfect cooking solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle, while saving you time and money with an advanced cookware system. This is the core mission, continuously reinforced through product improvement research and staying connected with customers to gain an understanding of their needs.

Saladmaster provides a premium quality, engineered system of cooking.  It is with great passion that Saladmaster cultivates creativity and pride of workmanship to provide customers with continual lifestyle improvement. Quality is maintained through rigorous testing using the latest technology and industry advancement.

Pictured is one of Saladmaster’s Open House events, regularly conducted at their main office in Clayton.

Open House Saladmaster’s business opportunities can change your life!  They provide:
•                World class training
•                Flexible schedule
•                Product of mass appeal
•                Unlimited earning potential
•                Contest and travel incentives
•                Opportunity to earn a FREE set

Saladmaster also offers an home cooking school program. Invite Saladmaster into your kitchen for a great tasting, low calorie, heart healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family and friends, entirely for free. They will arrive early to set up and clean up after themselves, and all you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire and provide your own utensils.