The weirdest things Aussies bring on board

The weirdest things Aussies bring on board

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We’ve all been there doing the same thing while sitting on a suitcase that’s bursting at the seams as you try to fit half your wardrobe in there.

However for some of us, it’s more than just our wardrobe. A recent study done by revealed that some travelers are entirely shameless when it comes to smuggling weird and wacky things in our luggage.

How about a Neon light-up flamingo? Sure. Toilet seat? Why not. Three kilo tub of Nutella? Everyone knows you need to bring snacks for the plane.

Starting from food, pets, toys and home décor, it seems nothing is off limit.

“The research shows Aussies are clearly making the most of airlines’ luggage allowances with plenty of unusual keepsakes and gourmet delicacies racking up the air miles,” says Travel Specialist, Kim Stockham.b56c19bf5dc7a1f3f682b7567ba59f42

So let’s see the list below of what all unusual items Aussie’s carries on board.

Most unusual items Aussies admit to taking on a plane:

Plastic stag head
Pet Siamese fighting fish
Live lobsters
Mirror in the shape of the United Kingdom
Preserved beetle in a diorama shadowbox
3kg tub of Nutella
Barbeque plate
Collectible lightsaber
Ginger bread house
Neon light up flamingo
Huge cast iron lantern
Marble table lamp and shade