The winners and the Team of Mr. Punjab Australia

The winners and the Team of Mr. Punjab Australia

Mr Punjab AUSTRALIA was a great successful show which was held in Melbourne on the 21th of May 2016. It was brought in Australia by AIPD Group Pty Ltd. The show, was judged on many aspects such as talent, personality, dance performance, acting skills, presence of mind and about their knowledge of cultural background. All the contestants showed their best of skills on the stage and won the hearts of many guests attending the event. Everything was well organized and many guest performances entertained the crowd.
The titles were won by 3 well deserving charming men, Kuldeep Singh Sidhu (Title winner), Manvir Singh (First Runner Up) and Jasvir Singh Mann (Second Runner Up)

The judge’s panel included some talented names such as Manpneet Grewal, Kamaldeep Kahma, Judgebir Singh and the celebrity guest Kartar Cheema from Punjab, India.
Winners of the show will be given a chance to perform in music video and may get a chance to work in movies along with many other opportunities like publicity, events invitations, and chance to represent Indian Australian Brands. The winner Kuldeep Singh Sindhu will become the brand ambassador of ‘Mr Punjab Australia’ for one year and will represent it in all major functions in Australia.
The team of the show has put in every sincere effort to make ‘Mr Punjab Australia’ a unique contest, which not only acknowledged but also celebrated and honored all aspects of a modern Punjabi man. The show was fully sold out and audience at the event were all gaga about the way organizers had managed to bring together a beautiful evening.





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