Top Indian female Biker’s journey called off by a road accident

Top Indian female Biker’s journey called off by a road accident

Veenu Paliwal, one of the top Indian woman bikers in the country died in a road accident in Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha district. The 44-year-old Jaipur resident was on a nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson motorcycle along with fellow biker Dipesh Tanwar who was on another vehicle.

Paliwal died after her bike skid off a road near Gyaraspur, 100 km from state capital Bhopal. She was rushed to a primary health Centre and then to the Vidisha district hospital where doctors declared her brought dead, police said.

Paliwal left Lucknow and was headed for Bhopal when the mishap took place. She was alleged to be riding at the speed of 110KMH. She was wearing protective gear but she still couldn’t survive the injury. The witnesses presented at the time of the accident told that Veenu was talking at the time her bike skid but later on she started losing conscious. Her fellow biker rushed to her help and the casualties were taken care quite instantly. Later autopsy reports identified excessive internal bleeding as the cause of her death. It was also mentioned in the report that her liver was extensively damaged by the handle of the bike which caused her to bleed immoderately high.

Paliwal was planning to make a documentary on her motorbike journey across the country and was keen to start the project as early as possible but little that she knew, that this dream will stay as a dream. Her interest developed in biking during her college days where she learned to ride from her college mates. Unfortunately, after college she couldn’t continue riding as she didn’t have her own bike nor she could buy due to the heavy expenses. Soon after, she got married and her husband never supported her to pursue her riding passion. Just like many other women in India, Veenu decided to quit her passion and got involved with her family. Her marriage had some bad phases and later on she got divorced. She had responsibility of raising two children, a boy who is now 21 and studying engineering and girl who is now 18 and just gave her grade 12 exams. Despite the fact that she was doing everything possible to keep the housing moving, she started her riding passion as she was immensely supported by her children and parents throughout.

The journey which started on the road has ended on the road. The face which always had a smile and a woman of inspiration to many other single mothers, today left behind old parents to grieve for their loving daughter and two young kids who are still in a state of shock for losing their mother in this dreadful accident.





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