A Guernsey with ‘Singh’ written on the back The budding star grabs...

A Guernsey with ‘Singh’ written on the back The budding star grabs the award

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singhOnce again India is made proud as Indian origin, Dilpreet Singh has been honoured with the ‘Rising Star’ award in Footy by Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA). With this, he becomes the first Indian to be bestowed such an award. He is awarded with a Guernsey with ‘Singh’ written on the back.

Dilpreet migrated to Australia in 2008 when he had no knowledge of the rules of the game. As a beginner in Footy, he worked hard with dedication and strong will which consequently turned out to be the key to success. Soon his skills became noticeable to the Geelong Footy Club and he got a platform to prove his talent.

In 2009, he started playing for Caulfield Bears Carneige and with time, moved further to St. Leo’s Wattlepark and in no time he took his game to another level. Dilpreet continues to astound his fans, teammates, opposition players and coaches in an impossible way to tackle.

His teammates and coaches say that Dilpreet is a unique player who doesn’t shy away from being involved in the toughest competitions and games. One of his admirer says,  “It is just the beginning, he has a long career ahead of him and has already begun to establish himself”

Apart from sports, Dilpreet is a keen participant in the community events especially related to Indian Community. In a community where cricket continues to remain the most popular game, Dilpreet wants to educate and influence young Indians to take part in sports other than cricket.